Manages Future Terms and Effects on Volatility

This illustration depicts how an allocation to managed futures in a traditional portfolio can not only lower overall volatility, but also increase returns over time. Performance results in the portfolio above reflect actual returns for the Somers Brothers Diversified Futures Program #1 and actual returns for the S&P 500 starting in January of 2005. READ MORE>

Managed Future Performance and Down Markets

The Barclay CTA Index is a leading industry benchmark of representative performance of commodity trading advisors. To qualify for inclusion in the CTA Index, an advisor must have four years of prior performance history. READ MORE>

I Already Have Commodities in My Portfolio

Many investors and advisors have been of the belief that commodities or natural resources funds help diversify a portfolio. While this is true to some extent, the relationships between commodities and stock indexes have become more correlated in recent years. The diversification effect, which investors had hoped would buoy their portfolios during the extreme market downturn of 2008, did not work as many asset classes became more highly correlated. READ MORE>

Portfolio Diversification Opportunities (PDF)

Enhanced Returns, Lower Volatility (PDF)

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Programs 1 Reaches 5 Year Milestone (PDF)