At Somers Brothers Capital, we believe in a strictly systematic approach to trading. Our investment decisions are based on the disciplined application of computerized algorithms that process market data daily. This is rooted in our belief that non-systematic investment approaches are susceptible to emotional biases.

Many money management professionals’ investment decisions are centered on predictions of future prices. These predictions, while often driven by sound research and logical judgments, can become a source of bias as the manager seeks validation of their prediction in the face of changing circumstances. This can lead to poor trading decisions, whether staying with market positions while losses mount or liquidating winning positions prematurely. At Somers Brothers Capital, decisions to enter and exit markets are driven by a mathematical model, without qualitative input from individuals.

Our approach is designed to achieve long-term capital appreciation by systematically exploiting price trends among a diverse portfolio of futures markets. Long and short positions are established to benefit in both rising and declining markets. Profitable positions are maintained as long as the model determines the trend remains favorable.

There is no guarantee these investment objectives will be met.