Somers Brothers Capital employs a systematic quantitative approach to trading a wide array of commodity and financial futures markets.  The objective is to provide an absolute return investment that has the ability to generate profits in both rising and falling markets and demonstrates a return profile that is not correlated with traditional asset classes, such as stocks or bonds.  The uncorrelated nature of the Somers Brothers trading programs’ returns make them ideal complements to traditional investment portfolios; simultaneously mitigating volatility and increasing overall returns.  Somers Brothers Capital, LLC is a CFTC registered Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator.

Somers Brothers program investors enjoy the following benefits:


Low Correlation to traditional equity and fixed income investments;

Exposure to Worldwide Markets via regulated and highly liquid, exchange traded futures markets;

No Directional Bias– allowing for profit in both rising and falling markets.

Transparency through managed accounts and open access to records; and,

Leveragable Strategies through adjustable portfolio risk profiles.